(Video) Ghost Town: Post-Apocalyptic Chic “Concrete City”–another Unemployed Zombie Building Infiltration Specialist Production

To see my video featuring a fun romp thru a ghost town in Pennsylvania visit: (Video) Ghost Town: Post-Apocalyptic Chic “Concrete City”–another Unemployed Zombie Building Infiltration Specialist Production Abandoned in 1924, Concrete City is said to be the first example of modern-day cookie-cutter or tract housing.  This residential development, built in 1911, consisted of 20 buildings, each one housing two families.  Both halves of every structure contained a living room, kitchen and dining room downstairs, with four bedrooms on the second floor.  Outhouses were constructed behind the dwellings.  The homes were arranged around a central plaza that contained a pavilion, baseball field, tennis court and wading pool.  Concrete sidewalks illuminated by electric lights and landscaped yards completed this cutting-edge community, which was abandoned in 1924 because the owners did not want to install an expensive sewer system as required by the township.

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  1. Super awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • brian
    • June 26th, 2012

    I love reading your info . I have a question about this one tho. I always thought and was told that concrete city was used for when they were doing coal mining in the area and was abandoned when the mining ended . I know for a fact that there is the “walking duck” (big old mining drag line machine ) abandoned in a field not to far away and all around it was completely mined . And on the main road that passes it there is one of those blue pa state signs with info about the city . There are also a bunch of web sites that has pictures from back in the day and stating it was owed by the mining company and miners lived there with there families. I have been there many times myself because I am from around that area . Anyway I love your writings and look foward to more. Thank you for your time .

  2. So well done!

  3. i live in plymouth recently was curious about the kirby park zoo which brought me here. i will be up all night reading all of this.

    • Erin
    • May 9th, 2013

    I grew up near Concrete City! I’ve never been there but now wish I went. Thank you for clearing up one of the mysteries of my childhood.

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