ESP: The Eye of God and The Mad Chair

Eastern State Penitentiary is the first prison in the world designed to inspire penitence (true regret) in the hearts criminals.  Inmates were to spend their time reflecting upon their crimes and seeking redemption.  At Eastern State Penitentiary, each cell was lit by a single light source from either a skylight or a window that was considered the “Eye of God”.

ESP: The Eye of GodThe Eye of God

It’s not at all farfetched to think that negative energy could be left behind in a place where prisoners were subjected daily to a variety of physical and psychological torture regimens.  Even the most minor infractions could lead to guards dousing prisoners with freezing water outside during the winter, chaining their tongues to their wrists so that struggling against the chains would cause the tongue to tear, strapping prisoners into chairs with leather restraints only to leave them there for days on end and putting them into a pit where they would have no light, no human contact and very little food for up to two weeks.  No wonder, this prison turned museum is considered “one of the most haunted places on earth!”

ESP Death Row

This is Cellblock 15, or “Death Row”, where men waited out the last months of their lives at Eastern State Penitentiary, before being transferred to Pennsylvania’s only death chamber at the State Correctional Institution at Rockview. This cellblock has been inhabited by some of Pennsylvania’s most violent, aggressive criminals, who lived here in physical isolation from each other and the prison staff.

ESP: The Red Barber Chair (or is it the "mad chair" as shown on Ghost Hunters) {EXPLORE}

This is THE MAD CHAIR.  It was given this name because it was not uncommon for an inmate to go mad before his punishment ended. As seen on Ghost Adventurers….

Watch Ghost Adventurers at  THE MAD CHAIR



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