Angela Park: An American Eulogy (Update-Ferris Wheel)

Cheri Sundra

Angela Park, a once popular roadside attraction that reads like a sadly typical American eulogy to lost community, prosperity, and small town life, closed in 1988 after being a regional landmark for three decades.

Cheri Sundra

During an auction of the park’s assets back in 1990, Gary Grant purchased the Ferris Wheel, which is roughly the height of a two-story home.  According to newspaper reports, the Grant family enjoyed their own private piece of Angela Park for about five years, especially during birthday parties. Sadly, Gary Grant passed away in 2011.  The Ferris Wheel still stands idly by on the property of the family home.

Cheri Sundra

Cheri Sundra

Cheri Sundra

Cheri Sundra

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Angela Park: An American Eulogy




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    • Tammy Miller
    • April 14th, 2017

    We own the ferris wheel; actually looking into fixing it up. Know anyone who restores such a thing?

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